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DBPR 0070 Uniform Complaint Form Instructions STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL REGULATION Uniform Complaint Form Instructions Pursuant to Section 455. PRIVATE ATTORNEY FOR COMPLAINANT IF APPLICABLE ADDRESS SUBJECT OF COMPLAINT License Number if known Company/Occupation RESIDENCE ADDRESS IF DIFFERENT THAN MAILING ADDRESS WITNESS IF APPLICABLE I affirm that I have provided the above information completely and truthfully to the best of my knowledge. Complainant Sign Here...
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So when He's burgh Virginia falling for misconduct against officer violating someone's First Amendment right to report yeah if you know what I followed it here asking to have a pendant second sign itself out here this man was assaulted wisher complaints if they pump everything out good, and I got a no video it's now being hidden in my table in a nightstick tomorrow's going to be good Sarah Gender witness love it was such a beautiful floor they got that one on China thought charged with her till I said they won't understand I'm having some wonderful quote okay okay okay okay the department is situation there's shuttle for what's going on she talked to me at about 3:30 watch the video never got back to me no waiting for my friend I just tried it you've been waiting for all this time yeah I had to call her she didn't have something actually, so you can file a complaint we're trying to figure out exactly who's investigating this incident Oh what happened what the prince lords officer but appears permissibility on the scene also we're all we're all here together trying to figure out whose doing what this is what they have to share with you Prince George police have been notified that all she was involved in the incident in our jurisdiction plate our people are aware yes but at this point unless you have official business here I've just explained to you that Prince George knows about the answer then we are aware of it are you aware that former dispatchers are on your Petersburg PD Facebook page calling public cockroaches there are things that I can't discuss clearly as you know but as a citizen as a private citizen I'm bola do you view this and observe it for public record for Facebook no no not face booking to you what Eve what's happening right here at this conversation miss Wonder like all these things I wanna share with you sirs if you don't have business here you can with your artist she's good to it before where I'm not gonna Slavery what I'm speaking of but if you're friends with him, he'll certainly like you if you don't have official business here, and you all need to leave they need a bit of enough we're right okay do I need to talk to Mr. artists I'm I'm a driver saw him I'm here okay and also if I hear you guys say because I'm not trying to trust that someone trespassing I'll leave okay I'll meet her were sharing information I showed her information we're now discussing like we had questions on either the answer you're answering those questions I don't see what's wrong with me standing here let's not answering any questions I advised her she's waiting for somebody it's a shame this I'm waiting for while I'm trying to contact if she has official business here I'm, so I'm not waiting forever a so many girls are red and there's not enough Yuri widow's walk with come on a walk there's something wrong sir technically we're getting over this phrase oh you're going to have business with my nephew we brought my nephew got a family right Dale yeah,...
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